Why does Atticus ask Bob Ewell to write out his name? What does the jury see when he does this?This answer will be found in chapter 17.

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Atticus needs to prove that Bob Ewell is left-handed because Mayella had been hit on her right side. When he writes his name, the jury sees that he is left-handed and was therefore probably the one to hit Mayella and not Tom Robinson.

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He wants to show that Ewell is left-handed.  Tom's left arm was injured, and he cannot use his left hand. Mayella's right eye was blackened, as Scout observes, indicating that a left-handed man probably beat her up, which makes it likely that Ewell, not Tom, is the guilty one.

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. Atticus asks Bob Ewell to write his name to show that Ewell is left-handed. This is important because Tom's left arm was injured; an accident later mentioned in chapter 18, therefore he could not use his left hand. Earlier Ewell said that he agreed with Mr. Tates claim that Mayella's right eye was blackened ‘“ I hold with everything Tate said”’ (Lee 176), indicating that a left-handed man most likely beat her up, which Mr. Ewell was proven to be. This makes it likely that Mr. Ewell, not Tom, could be the one who is guilty.

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i think atticus makes Bob write his name to show everyone that he is left handed so it might of been him the one to beat up Mayella

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he asked him to write out his name because he isright handed and tom is not and the bruies on her were from the right 

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