Why does Athena help Telemachus find his father and give him confidence in Books 1 and 2 of the Odyssey?

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Athena comes to Telemachus because she is trying to get Odysseus home. Odysseus has been blocked for seven years from returning to his homeland by Poseidon, who hates him and has kept him trapped on the island of Ogyia.

Athena appeals to a council of gods to help her, and Zeus sides with her. This is a good time for her to appeal to Telemachus to seek his father, for Zeus is now on their side. Athena wants Odysseus to get all the help he can to complete his journey.

Athena is the goddess especially aiding Odysseus. A difference between this and a modern story is the way the gods are entwined with and part of the saga of the mortals. Athena is a near presence in Odysseus's story—she is never far out of reach.

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