Why does Anne Frank describes her hiding as a dangerous, romantic and interesting adventure ?

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The reason Anne called her hiding experience "dangerous'"is evident - if the Jews were found, they would be arrested and sent off to a concentration camp. The outcome of their ordeal (all died except Anne's father) is proof enough that their lives were in constant peril.

The fact that she described living in the attic as "a romantic and interesting adventure" is quite something else and reveals a lot about Anne's inherent optimism despite hardships. Anne spent her "growing up" years in the attic, moving from puberty into early womanhood, and her thoughts and feelings reflect the typical musings of a girl her age. Living in a very confined space with very different kinds of people put Anne (and the others ) in confrontational situations where problems had to be dealt with in a very immediate and personal way. It brought out the best and the worst in everybody, and for Anne this was content enough to make the experîence "interesting." As for "romantic," one "tenant" was a boy Anne's age with whom she shared her first sexual longings.

It is interestiing that Anne's ambition was to be a journalist. Although she never lived long enough to grow up, she fulfilled her dream just the same. Her diary, published by her father after the war, has found world-wide acclaim and has been translated into more than fifty languages.

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