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The Count of Monte Cristo

by Alexandre Dumas père
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Why does Albert feel that Monte Cristo betrayed him in The Count of Monte Cristo?

Albert feels betrayed because he believed that the Count was a friend, and he had been used. The novel opens twenty years after Dantes was imprisoned, and Monte Cristo has recently bought the island of Monte Cristo. His steward is named Baptistin. The Count meets Albert de Morcerf and his father at the opera, when he observes that Fernand, the man who ruined Dantes is there with his son Albert. Monte Cristo invites them to his box for supper later in the week. On one of those days I had gone out alone, at about ten o'

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In The Count of Monte Cristo, Albert is the son of the man who betrayed Edmund Dantes in order to marry his girl.  Albert does not realize that his father set up Dantes to be sent to prison and essentially killed, so when he learns that the Count of Monte Cristo has set up his father’s ruination, Albert is the one who feels betrayed.  He had believed the Count was a friend of sorts, since the Count saved him from kidnapping.

MonteCristo knew everything ….There could be no doubt that all had been calculated and previously arranged; Monte Cristo then was in league with his father's enemies. (Ch 87, enotes etext p. 648).

Albert feels betrayed by both the count as his father.  He directs his feelings at the count because he is still coming to terms with who his father really is.  In the end, Albert forgives Dantes and accepts the truth about his father and Dantes.

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