Why does Abigail blame Marry Warren in The Crucible?  

Expert Answers
pirateteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Act III ofThe Crucible, Abigail begins to see her power weakening.  Proctor has brought Mary Warren to court to confess that she "never saw no spirits."  As the courts begin to question Abigail on her role in the trials she turns on Mary Warren in an attempt to get the eyes off of her. 

Pressure mounts as Danforth begins questioning Abigail, so Abigail again pretends to be bewitched.  However, this time she blames Mary Warren by claiming her former friend is sending her spirit out on her in the form of a yellow bird.  Abigail screams the bird is attacking her (supported by echoes from the other girls) and begs Danforth to save her.

With such strong evidence, Danforth has no choice but to believe Abigail and tells Mary Warren to confess.  Finally, Mary Warren gives up and turns on Proctor.  She tells the court he is "the devil's man" and it is he who made her come to Salem "to overthrow the court." Abigail graciously takes her friend back, and John Proctor is taken into jail.