Why does Ab Snopes burn barns? Do you think his actions are justified? What is your reasoning?

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Abner Snopes is an angry, vengeful, and low-economic bottom feeder.  He doesn't respect anyone or anything.  He joined the army, not to be patriotic to a cause, but to see how much loot he could steal.  "The barn-burning of the story's title refers to Snopes's habit of setting fire to the property of those who (in his eyes) slight him.  He perceives that someone insults him or slights him in some way and he decides to get revenge by burning their barn to the ground.  I don't think there is ever any justification for taking away things people have worked hard to build.  I believe strongly that if you want something that someone else has you should go out, work, and earn it.  Snopes beat his family, stole from people, cheated and destroyed the work of others.  He was not justified in any of the negative things he did.

epollock | Student

He is on his 10th barn, I believe, so he is an awfully cruel and hateful man. His actions can't be justified as he puts his family in jeopardy when he has to move from town to town.

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