Why do you think the wife of bath chose the destinations mentioned by the narrator on page 135, lines 473-479?

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This question is kind of vague. Are you referring to the destinations mentioned in the general prologue? There the narrator mentions that she has gone to several foreign cities, including Jerusalem and Rome. Chaucer includes this information to illustrate how well traveled the Wife of Bath is. She is not your normal lady of the middle ages. Of course, this reflects her character. She spends her time doing whatever it takes to gain control -- physically, mentally, and most of all, financially -- over her husbands. Her travels reflect what she does with the money she gained from them. It also illustrates that she has a worldly knowledge about her. This helps make it credible for the reader when she begins quoting the different texts that she does later in her prologue. She has obviously traveled and studied to know all of the things when a woman of her social standing at the time would not have been so educated.

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