Why do you think Victor felt so uncomfortable with strangers?  How is Victor influenced by Professor Waldman?

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scarletpimpernel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Victor feels uncomfortable with strangers for several reasons.  First, Victor knows that what he is doing (trying to create a human) is morally wrong.  While he does not admit this when he is creating the Monster, his actions demonstrate that he is struggling with the moral implications of his actions.  Victor was not raised to be selfish or to seek glory; so his obsession goes against his father and mother's humble, compassionate attributes.  Additionally, Victor knows that what he is doing has legal implications.  If others discover what he is up to in his lab, at the least he could be expelled or more significantly, he could be arrested and charged with a crime.

Professor Waldman's open-mindedness appeals to Victor.  Before he meets the professor, Victor has been greeted with skepticism and criticism of his interests.  First, his father tried to discourage him from his interest in metaphysics; next, Professor Krempe scoffs at Victor's ideas and "mentors," and finally, Victor seemed to be misunderstood not only by his mother and Elizabeth but also by Henry who has a Romantic view of life.  Professor Waldman provides Victor with positive feedback and teaches him the real science he needs to further his scientific and metaphysical pursuits.

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