Why do you think Tituba admits so quickly to having practiced witchcraft ?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Tituba is one of the most interesting characters in the drama.  On one level, Tituba believes that she will not be accused.  She figures that this is something that is going to exist the cultural majority and she, being both Black and a servant, will have nothing to do with it.  Yet, her difference makes her a perfect patsy and it is for this that Abigail chooses her to be the recipient of her accusations. Tituba is taken aback by Abigail's brazen betrayal, especially when Abigail ascribes actions that she has done to Tituba.  It was Abigail that commanded Tituba to make the potion that was to be drunk to kill Elizabeth and Abigail who commandeered the entire operation in the forest.  For her to abandon this role of leadership and dump it on Tituba is something that is jarring to the Barbados- native.  It is in this midst of shock and surprise that the interrogation focuses in on Tituba.  She is overwhelmed and while she is able to keep the intimidating pressure at bay for a time, she recognizes that she is over-matched.  Her statement of how there are multiple aspects of the devil in Salem is something that acquires symbolic significance, but is also something that enables the pressure to come off her shoulders.  Her surrender might have been quick, but realistically, it was the only way out for her and actually took a bit of time as it became evident there was no escape for her. It is here where she understands that while she might be punished for admitting to witchcraft, it will also help her case if she names others, a practice replicated by the other girls when they see the praise heaped upon Tituba, if only for a moment.