Why do you think this experience created such a strong impression in Wordsworths memory?Its a question from my litterature book. The story is I wanderd lonley as a cloud by William Wordsworth

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The poem that Wordsworth writes helps to bring much of the themes of Romanticism.  The idea of the natural setting being home to much in the way of personal experience and emotional epiphany is extremely potent in Wordsworth's writing and might help to explain why this particular moment holds so much in meaning for him.  The idea of being able to be as free as a cloud, without boundaries and limitations helps to bring out the idea of individual freedom linked to the subjective experience as being critical for Romanticism.  The reverence of nature, seen in the vibrancy of the daffodils, allow for a moment of clarity to be seen and understood and with this, the speaker, presumably Wordsworth, can experience a moment of spiritual clarity.

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