Ender's Game Questions and Answers
by Orson Scott Card

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Why do you think there is no introductory dialogue for chapter 15?

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Readers have gone through an entire book filled with chapters that have an introductory dialogue between characters. A typical topic of conversation has been Ender and how he is doing; however, chapter 15 has no such dialogue. One reason for an author to change up a regular form or format is to call special attention to it. The shift is meant to be jarring enough that readers notice the change, and we are meant to question why the change has happened or what the change might signify.

Chapter 15 doesn't contain the introductory sequence because the main goal has changed. Throughout the book, humans have been fighting the Buggers and trying to train Ender to be that savior leader. When chapter 15 starts, that goal has been achieved. Ender no longer needs to be trained. He no longer needs to lead; therefore, he no longer needs to be the focus of backroom conversations between Graff and somebody else. Graff has his own personal problems now. Earth has its own set of new problems too, and Ender isn't going to be a part of them because Ender is not going to be allowed home. What's really cool is how chapter 15 feels more focused on Ender without the introductory dialogue. It does this by allowing readers to know that Ender is now much more in control of his final destiny, rather than being a pawn in a military game.

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clairewait eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The introductory dialogue in each chapter serves as a change in perspective and an added behind-the-scenes insight into Ender's training. Though the story itself is not a first person narrative, it is a limited perspective that follows Ender and keeps the thoughts and actions outside of his immediate knowledge a mystery. The introductory dialogue is just a small window outside of Ender's little world.

Chapter 15 does not include this dialogue, however, because the story is over. Ender's training is over. The war itself is over. When he wins his final battle and defeats the Buggers, all the mystery is revealed, for Ender and for the reader. Introductory dialogue is no longer necessary and it serves to show that the training, manipulation, and secrecy is over for everyone.

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