Why do you think the author chose to name her Stargirl?

The author chose to call her Stargirl because, in many respects, she's not of this earth. Stargirl is a highly unusual young lady who gives the appearance that she's come from another planet. She's also a star in that she's a very special person who shines brightly.

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Stargirl gives every appearance of not being of this earth. With her strange clothes, kooky mannerisms, and pet rat, she comes across as a visitor from another planet.

No one at Mica High School has ever seen anyone quite like her before. Stargirl is truly a unique character, a young lady who follows the beat of a different drum than everyone else. This only serves to highlight her other-worldly qualities, which are perfectly encapsulated by her name.

Stargirl's name also alludes to her positive qualities, and the profound effect she has on the lives of those around her, especially Leo, who develops a close personal relationship with her. Stargirl is truly a star, unique, one of a kind, shining brightly due to her extraordinary personality, sheer exuberance, and lust for life. Amidst all the jocks, geeks, and mean girls at Mica High, she stands out by a mile.

By comparison, everyone else in the story is just plain dull. This includes Leo, who makes the foolish mistake of trying to turn Stargirl into someone more “normal,” a decision he comes to regret.

The moral of the story is that stars must always be allowed to shine, that one should bask in the extraordinary light that they give off and value their beauty and uniqueness.

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