Analyze why the struggle for Civil Rights for African Americans has been so difficult.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The struggle for African- Americans' Civil Rights to be recognized has been a difficult one because of the number of obstacles present.  This has helped to create the struggle as a lengthy and ongoing one, and filled with difficulty.  

Part of the reason why the struggle has been so difficult lies in the history.  The legacy of slavery for centuries is a part of this.  Africans brought over for purposes of enslavement and profit helps to define why the struggle for Civil Rights has been wrought with difficulty.  Civil Rights are hard to realize when codes of slavery prevent a group of people from reading and writing, forming solidarity, and being able to recognize their own free condition through one of bondage.  With slavery's end in the Civil War, many struggled to figure out how they shall live and what shall they do.  

Another aspect of history that helps to define the lengthy struggle for Civil Rights is the code of segregation.  Enshrined in the Supreme Court's Plessy v. Ferguson case, generations of African- Americans were condemned to live as second- class citizens in the nation that they called home.  This helped to create another level to oppression and discrimination that not only helped to fuel the Civil Rights Era, but also clearly demonstrated that the struggle would be a difficult one and an ongoing fight.