Why do you think Snowballs various projects, except the reading and writing classes, were failures?  

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Another way to look at this may be the following: The constant variable with most dystopias and with any other society in which rules are implemented for the benefit of a small, powerful minority is that the inevitable always happens: Personality infuses what is supposed to be a firm, rigid, and objective plan. In the case of Napoleon and Snowball, there was a clear conflict of character and a power struggle that clearly showed the double intention of any plan proposed by Snowball.

Similarly in society, when a small fraction of power hungry people attempt to dominate a huge following, their hunger for power is demonstrated equally in the way they pretend to implement their plan.

This is why most faction-type governments such as Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, and the likes end up becoming failures and never last: Because the human thread is too obvious and the personality of the ruler interferes with what is meant to be general and universal.

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I don't believe that they really were failures.  Napoleon firmly has his propoganda machine in place and he is not going to let Snow Ball be given any credit,  In fact, once Snow Ball is completely banished from the farm under the penalty of death, many of Snow Ball's ideas begin to creep in.  However, we the reader are always told the idea had really been Napoleon's all along.  Little by little the loyal animals are learning not to question Commrade Napoleon!  Commrade Napoleon is always right.

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