Why do you think revolutions occur? What circumstances would lead people to overthrow the daily political and economical structure of their lives?

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I like the previous assertions, and in particular post number 5.  Throughout history, revolutions have resulted in some level of dissatisfaction.  If we were to look at this philosophically, voices were either being relegated to the margins or being outwardly silenced, and change was demanded.  There comes a point in experience when people feel that a point of no return has been reached, and a point where people say aloud, "Enough."  The ability of people to overthrow their daily economic and political lives arises out of their ability to envision what can be as opposed to what is.  They do this in accordance to their perception.  This is what causes revolutions in all forms- intellectual, scientific, technological, political, moral.

Revolutions tend to occur when the basic needs of people are not being met. This means access to food, clothing, shelter, etc. This creates the right environment for revolutionary leaders to incite revolt. Another element...

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