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Why do you think our culture and media encourage us to buy things constantly? Is this a good, bad, or neutral thing? Why? Also, do you think Buy Nothing Day is an event worth observing? Why or why not?

The economy of our country depends on consumerism. Therefore, buying things is important, which is why the media supports and encourages this behavior. A Buy Nothing Day is an opportunity for people to reflect on how much they already have and to use up their own supplies before stocking up again and buying more.

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In order to answer this question, I would suggest to first of all consider how Western society is very much influenced by the desire to own things. A person's success is often measured by what they own. For example, a person that owns a very expensive car will be assumed to be a person who is very successful in their career. The same applies to fashion trends. Even at school age, children and young people grow up comparing what they wear to what others wear. Certain brands are popular with teenagers, and in order to be seen as "cool," teenagers will want to keep buying these brands. This is another example of...

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