Why do you think the old modes of criminal justice might be outdated?

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No system is perfect, which includes our criminal justice system. With that said, there seems to be a few glaring problems. 

One of the biggest problems in our criminal justice system concerns our jails. First, our jails are not great at reforming. The rate of recidivism is substantial, which suggests that we are not really helping prisoners. Second, the cost of incarcerating prisoners is too great. This is especially pointed in a weak economy. Finally, there is a huge problem of overcrowding. All of these factors make our jails a failing system. 

Another problem might be in the area of law. Part of the overcrowding might be due to focusing on the wrong types of crimes. For instance, hardly anyone from Wall Street went to prison, even though they hurt many Americans in great ways. By not taking seriously white collar crimes, we are sending a wrong message and creating a two tiered system based on wealth.

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