Why do you think Miller would include such a conversation?  it's in Act 2 of The Crucible.

wmagley | Student

Actually, Miller removed the scene (Act II Scene II); it is usually found in the appendix.  I think he removed it because Abigail appears a bit too human and possibly less evil.  She appears to have lost her mind instead of being an object of pure evil.  It does not add anything to the play.  We already know that John Proctor will confess his affair in order to save his wife; we know that Abigail will do anything to try to have John Proctor; and, we know that Proctor does not intend to return to her or to allow his wife to be her victim any more.  The only thing offered is a little sympathy for crazy Abigail, and that does not work with the rest of the play.  The scene does not serve any purpose, and Arthur Miller realized this, himself.

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