Why do you think Lynn Nottage wrote the play "Ruined"?

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Lynn Nottage apparently wrote the play Ruined, to bring awareness to several topics of interest in the early 21st century. Of particular note are the themes found in the play. Nottage brushes upon themes like civil war, sexual violence, and instinctive survival skills. The main character, Mama Nadi, is a straight forward, direct survivor who balances tough love with common sense. Set in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the play offers an in depth look into the violence-scarred region. Nottage traveled to the Congo to interview women who were directly impacted by sexual violence, and she came away with a unique perspective on how war impacts women and how those women suffer inhumane violations to their basic human rights. Ultimately, the overarching theme is hope. There is a sense of hope that even despite overwhelming circumstances, the human spirit can survive.

In writing the play, Lynn Nottage wanted to give a voice to the hundreds and thousands of women subjected to rape and...

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