Why do you think Lynn Nottage wrote the play "Ruined"?

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No doubt this modern work of drama and winner of the 2009 Pulitzer Prize (for drama) has a political and social message at its core.  Author Lynn Nottage admitts in interviews that the play was inspired by the chaos, conflict, and violence committed against women in the Eastern Congo.  Set directly in the heart and time of war torn Congo and specifically focusing on the lives and characters of the women within a brothel, though this play is not a work of non-fiction, it is based on the true to life details of the violence, injustice, and brokenness of a group of women who's stories might otherwise go untold.  Nottage desires her audience to watch (or read), become educated--perhaps for the first time--of the global sexual violence issue, and be so moved that they feel compelled to act.  This, likely, was her primary purpose for writing the play.

Nottage has traveled to Uganda, and conducted a series of interviews with many Congolese refugees.  While there, she realized that more than anything, these women deserved to have their stories told.  In so doing, she admits she also wrote for herself, and of herself:

I realized that I am telling a story not just about these women, I am telling a story about myself but for the grace of God, which is the context. And I also feel a tremendous sisterhood with these women (Nottage, The Root interview).