Miracle's Boys Questions and Answers
by Jacqueline Woodson

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Why do you think Lafayette felt he could not ask Charlie to join him and his friends, even though he wanted to?

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Lafayette feels deep remorse for the changes in his brother Charlie, with whom he was once close. He mourns not only how the other boy has become distant from him but also the other’s apparent loss of empathy—indeed, his apparent loss of any kind of emotion. He desires to show Charlie that the changes in him are unacceptable, yet struggles to articulate this through words. Perhaps his deciding not to ask Charlie to accompany him despite wanting to is a form of silent protest?

Consider also that Lafayette might be afraid of the kind of people Charlie is hanging around with. He has already demonstrated his awareness that Aaron as bad news, and perhaps this leads him not to invite Charlie along with him for fear that he might bring Aaron or someone else like him as well. While he may long for companionship with his brother, genuine regard for his own safety and that of his friends must not be underestimated, especially given that he has already encountered some of the world’s greatest hardships and difficulties during his short life. Perhaps he is even embarrassed by his brother, whose criminal ways might suggest to Lafayette’s friends that Lafayette too is of dubious character.

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