Why do you think Kit is trembling and excited as she waits for the Dolphin to arrive in Wethersfield?  

Expert Answers
missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Kit is trembling for a variety of reasons. She remembers her times on the Dolphin and wonders at how exciting it would be to travel back down to Barbados because she is so homesick. She also finds excitement in the idea of being out on the open sea and loving the storms and bright open skies. But the reason her heart leaps is because of what she had hoped to see on deck: Nat Easton. She plays it cool as she is standing by Judith while Nat Easton is busy at work on the deck. He does indeed meet her eyes though and intends to speak with her. It seems that Nat is an old love interest but this puts her in an awkward position because she is being courted by William Ashby. She can't tell Judith or show Judith her interest in Nat.

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