The Color of Water

by James McBride
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Why do you think James McBride's  The Color of Water  has been on bestseller list for so long? What makes it so good?

Expert Answers

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I enjoyed reading The Color of Water for several reasons which contribute to its maintaining its bestseller status.  First, McBride is incredibly honest and self-reflective.  He does not try to present himself as a victim or as perfect person.  Instead, he discusses his struggles and the inner conflict he encounters as he comes to see his mother in a new light.

Secondly, McBride possesses and incredibly interesting and unusual background.  His Jewish mother's decision to marry an African-American man is not a common one, and then McBride and his siblings' relationship with their stepfather is also quite unique.  How many men buy a house for their wife and children, love their wife and children, but yet just can't live under the same roof with them?

The blending of McBride's self-awareness and his fascinating upbringing with his fluid writing style make his autobiography interesting and readable for a wide audience.

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