Why do you think it is important for managers to learn, know, and understand the various motivational theories in today's business enviroment?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that managers have to be able to understand and adapt different types of motivational strategies because there are different types of workers in the modern workplace. I think that the globalized and interconnected nature of the workplace makes it essential that managers have their fingers on the pulse of their workers.  This means to understand how to motivate effectively and to understand that motivation for one employee is going to be different for another.  With the intricate and bifurcating nature of the workplace, it is essential for managers to differentiate their motivations in understanding the particular needs of their workers.  Perhaps, one worker needs motivation to reach a particular end product, while another needs inspiration to find a different path to market efficiency.  The reality is that the modern manager has many different types of people and personality needs in their workplace.  The effective manager will understand the theory of motivation and the idea of how individuals respond to different motivational approaches.  In this sense, the modern manager seeks to find different tools for different jobs in terms of their motivational approaches.