Why do you think it is so important to develop a relationship with every young child especially a child with a challenging behavior? How will you work to develop this relationship?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The core of this question deals with education, both formal and informal. As such psychologists and sociologists have pointed out, the young mind is in a formative period, not just physiologically but in terms of his/her ability to communicate and to form associations, with other people and with the quasi=logical physical world in which they find themselves. The so-called “difficult” child with “challenging behavior.” The earliest experiences of a child can misdirect him/her if the negative is not counterbalanced with some positive experiences many children abused or neglected by birth-parents, for example, can be redirected by foster homes with solid positive living environments. Whether an adult is part of the “official” raising team (which includes teachers) or just a casual neighbor or family acquaintance, he/she is morally and socially responsible for supporting the effort of those in charge, by smiling, by displaying safe, affectionate responses to the child’s efforts, and by presenting a world worth joining as the youth grows through the various stages (see Piaget) of mental and emotional maturity.

rachellopez | Student

Creating a good relationship with a child is very important for their development. When you speak to a young child who is still growing, they are learning from you. They learn how to communicate, listen, act, etc. Children look up to adults as role models and if you have a good relationship with them they will have a more positive, happier state of mind. Children who have a challenging behavior could have a more difficult time than a child who doesn't have one so it is especially important to build a relationship with them.

Easy ways to build a relationship with a child is to talk to them. Ask them questions to keep them interested and thinking. Really just play with them and let them have fun.

arrellbelle | Student

I took an Introduction to Psychology class last summer and from what i've learned, different children's behaviors usually result from the relationships they have with their parents, particularly their mothers. For example, a happier child usually has a brighter, positive relationship with their mother in comparison with a child who throws temper tantrums because of the distant relationship they have with their mother. A young child is usually very impressionable anyways, so if they started out with a challenging behavior, having a positive relationship with the child, may possibly lead to a child who begins to become more happier in the future.

crystaltu001 | Student

Developing a good relationship with a child is super important because if they child is still young and small then it means they are still learning. So developing a good relation with a child is good because you can teach them things like communication and teaching them how to act around people.