Why it is important to allow the government to garnish wages?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is important to allow the government to garnish wages because this can, at times, be the only way to ensure that judgments against a person will be honored by that person.  To understand this, let us look at the example of child support.

There are many cases in which a parent is required to pay child support to the other parent of their child.  This may be in a case where the parents were never married or in a case where they got divorced.  Either way, the child support payments can be very important to the finances of the custodial parent.

However, the parent who must pay often does not wish to do so.  It then becomes very difficult for the custodial parent to compel payment of the child support.  Garnishment of wages does away with this problem.  If the government simply garnishes the parent’s wages, payment to the custodial parent is guaranteed.

When a person is judged to owe someone else money, there needs to be a way to compel payment.  Government garnishment of wages is a good way to do this.