Why do you think 'the Importance of Being Ernest is still enjoyed by audiences around the world?Reasons

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first reason is that comedies of manners are always attractive to audiences who love to see the inside and real lives of the so-called classy and rich aristocrats. This play gave the Victorians a glimpse into the real lives of those they so emulated.

Second, Oscar Wilde's genius is hard to match when it comes to his puns, aphorisms, and epigrams. The way he contradicts the messages sent by the characters, the trivialities by which they suffer so, and the exaggerated sense of self-importance of the aristocrats in the play is quite funny with an endless humor.

Third, the character of Algernon is very eternal because to this day, even more than a hundred years after his creation. Algernon can be found in every man who refuses to take responsibility for his actions and prefers to lead a double life of lies and deception-and feels good about it. He is a loved character because he broke every canon of the 1800's by caring less for morality and more for sensations. He was the original aesthete, dandy, and debauched bachelor. Every time Algernon shows up on stage it is impossible not to smirk. He is as endless as the sarcasm in the comedy is.

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