Why do you think Human Resources management is important to all managers?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Whatever an organization does, human beings are essential to its success.  "Humans are an organization's greatest asset."  Any organization and endeavor that operates in the realm of commerce requires human beings.  Accordingly, human resources management becomes essential to all managers.  

Human resources management is essential to an organization because of the many different roles it plays.  On one hand, human resources management helps to oversee the process of hiring and finding the best people who can make an organization be successful and establish new horizons for success.  At the same time, human resources management is essential to ensuring that the workplace in which these individuals work is conducive to allowing these individuals to work at their best.  As the modern work setting is becoming increasingly diverse, human resources management is committed to ensuring that this diversity in all forms is understood in the modern workplace.  At the same time, human resources management is critical in seeing that people who work in an organization can engage in professional development and reflection that will make them more effective contributors to the organization's strength.  In these ways, human resources management is vital to any organization's hopes for success and viability in the modern marketplace.