In The Outsiders, why do you think Dally would have wanted to die?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

People like Dally who wear an extremely tough-guy demeanor are protecting themselves fiercely from getting hurt.  If they don't care about anything or don't let anyone get close to them, then nothing can cause them harm.  As Ponyboy realizes, Dally only loved one person in his life - Johnny - and when Johnny died, "he couldn't take it", and the Greasers knew that he was "gonna blow up". Dally loved Johnny as he would love a brother, or a child; Johnny's vulnerability and innocence brought out something noble in him, and when Johnny died Dally was left with a huge void and tumultuous feelings he had no idea how to deal with.  When Dally was shot down in a hail of police bullets, he had "a look of grim triumph on his face", and Ponyboy knew that death was what Dally wanted (Chapter 10).

ojones123 | Student

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canyousee67 | Student

I dicussed this is my class. Not only did he die because of Johnny, but it was also because of his future. Dally had the worst criminal record. He had nowhere to go in his life. If he didn't die then his future would be bad.He would have no job,probably be in jail, and not purpose for life. This is the MAIN reason he killed himself.He brought the police men to kill him, if he wanted to stay alive he wouldn't have pulled out and UNLOADED gun. Does this help?

maria-vivanco | Student

Dally wanted to die because he knewwhere  his future was going and because the only person who he ever loved died and couldn't take it.

vampcat | Student

see Johnny died and Dally could not hande. Johnny was one of the only things that was so important to Dally. Because johnny pasted on Dally  had a milt down and completelyover reacted(in my opinion).He would have been fine if he wasn't so "grrrrr" ageistthe world. he also saw his future with out johnny, and saw all the bad things he would do, he also saw his past and every thing he did.

ahowland81 | Student

well with someone as tough like dally, he did not let anyone get close and personal to him so he will not get hurt.but one 16 year old boy named Johnny was the one who did get close to dally and when he died he was not able to take all this mentally. so he was going to blow up or lose it. he treated Johnny like a real brother or sibling and really brokedown to this matter/ he thought why am i living because the only one i love is dead. so he goes robs the store and gets himself killed because everybody knows he gets everything he wants. and when pony saw dally's grin he knew dally wanted his death.