In Call of the Wild, why do you think Buck needed to be "cured" according to the man?

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To have a dogsled team be successful, the team must work together and follow the needs of the man to whom it belongs. In the story, The Call of the Wild,  Buck was not doing either.  He would find ways in which to undermine the authority of the man, not allow the dogs to do their assigned jobs, and in general, disrupt the functioning of the team.  Only when Buck realized he had to appear to be the ideal sled dog did he get what he wanted which was to be the leader.  Buck was smart and was  able to appear to be the many things the man wanted while at the same time working on his own agenda.  So when he appeared to be "cured", Buck achieved his objective and the man could believe he was the boss in charge.

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