Why do you think the author chose to frame the beginning and end of the novel, The Kite Runner, with the scenes of kite tournaments?

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mapriem eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Kiterunner, a unique novel about a poor boy  who grew to have a meaningful life after much turmoil in his country, had many impactful events in his life , one being his friendship with his best friend in childhood who won the kiterunner tournament, yet suffered a traumatizing event. His gulit in not helping his friend paved a way to his new life and the choices he had to make including rescuing his friends child from an abusive situation back in his old country after he moved to the United States. This friendship built on their common hobby, Kiterunning , was enduring despite many of lifes unpleasantries.  The author likened this to the sport at the beginning and end  I think to show that we all have commonalities between us that are enduring.  The beginning symbolizes the bonds in childhood as the boys became good friends with the sport. And the end symbolizes that even in death and a dramatic change in circumstances, this sport, Kiterunning, which was introduced to the characters nephew was a continuation of their deep friendship and love.

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