Why do you think Amir should be forgiven for what he has done to Hassan in "The Kite Runner?"no

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In the novel, "The Kite Runner," we meet Amir as a young boy who is starving for the attention of his father.  We see that he is a product of his upbringing.  Hassan and his family were of the servant Hazara class and beneath Amir and his father in the Afghanistan culture.  Hassan was Amir's servant.  They became friends because they spent so much time together.  Amir admits early in the novel that he encouraged Hassan to do things even though he knew it would be Hassan who would get into trouble.

However, no matter how close the boys were Amir always felt superior and acted that way.  His father encouraged Amir to be more assertive and to stand up for himself.  When Hassan was raped, Amir was to frightened to come forward and help.

At the end of the novel Amir overcomes his fear to rescue his nephew.  Amir redeems himself and should be forgiven.  God forgives all manner of sin, so who is man to deny forgiveness?

"Amir makes great sacrifices to pursue his quest to atone for past sins by rescuing his half nephew. Symbolized by the bleeding fingers of kite-fighters who cut their competitors' kites out of the sky with string embedded with glass, sacrifice is an important theme of the novel."

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When Rahim Khan called him to go back to Afghanistan he was reluctant, but he sees it as a way means to redemption. He should be forgiven because he went back even though it is dangerous and he saved Sohrab(Hassan's son) in the hands of the Taliban. He brought Sohrab to America with a new life and family. I think that was enough. He suffered a lot though.

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