In The Kite Runner, why do you think Amir ran away from Hassan after the tournament? Was he hiding from the bullies or from himself and Hassan? I am just curious what people will say to this question. It will be interesting to see what comes up :)

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In Chapter 7, Amir and Hassan win the kite-flying tournament as Amir cuts down the last remaining opponent. Both Amir and Hassan are elated after Amir cuts down the final kite and Hassan immediately chases after it. After Hassan runs to capture the blue kite, Amir wraps up the loose strings on his kite and gives it to Ali, who is standing on the other side of the gate to Baba's home. Instead of speaking to his father and waiting for Hassan to return with the blue kite, Amir decides to chase after him because he wants to be the person who presents the opponent's kite to his father.

After searching the city for Hassan, Amir finally sees him surrounded by Assef and his followers in the back of a dead-end alley. Amir then watches as Assef proceeds to rape Hassan while his friends hold Hassan down. Instead of intervening, Amir watches from behind a wall before he runs away. Amir more than likely ran away because he feared that Assef and his friends would also harm him if he attempted to stop them. Amir's feelings of jealousy might have also played a role in his decision not to intervene and flee the scene. Amir's feelings of guilt might have also influenced his decision to run away. He did not want Hassan to know that he watched him get raped and idly stood by without intervening.

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There is no doubt that Amir runs away in fear. A boy his age is immediately going to be afraid that if he interferes, the other boys will rape him as well. Part of it is also his jealousy over Baba's feelings for Hassan. Amir wants to become closer to his father and resents it when Baba takes notice of Hassan. I think this adds to the guilt Amir feels and why he's willing to plant "stolen" money and objects in Hassan's bed. True, he wants to be rid of Hassan because he's a reminder of Amir doing nothing to help Hassan, but I think this also proves that Amir is willing to sacrifice Hassan and their friendship for whatever Amir wants.

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