Can it be said that Americans are still fascinated with the Civil War 150 years after it began?  

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Many people may still be enthralled with the civil war, along with myself.  That said, the civil war has many various aspects that many folks would still find appealing.  First and foremost, more Americans died in the fighting of the civil war than any other war in American history.  This was bound to happen as it was American versus American.  There were new weapons and tactics developed during the civil war; such as rifling in guns, the use of bullets in war (as opposed to musket balls), canister shells, etc. Then, of course, there are the issues surronding the institution of slavery.  Many of the core ideas of our country were being tested during the civil war.  Concepts like "all men created equal" took on a whole new meaning during and after the civil war.  It led to a cultural divide between north and south for close to a century. The civil war also, in a way is a forerunner to the segregation era; which is in turn a forerunner to the civil rights movement.

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