Why do you like art? I was considering taking it, but it is hard and I suck at it.This is for knowing what to take next year. It is also for a survey.  

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You might find that you don't "suck at it" as much as you think. If the interest is there, that alone may spur you on to success. I recently enrolled in a graphic arts program, and my first class was a drawing class. I had never taken an art class before (I am in my 50s), but my work turned out to be among the best in the class. I took my time drawing, used several of the techniques suggested (tracing, trace and transfer, etc.), and put in the necessary hours to complete the work. Not only did I make an "A" in the class, I had several assignments recommended for contests. My teacher (and many of the students) were amazed that I had no previous instructional experience in drawing, so you may find that you have a hidden talent just waiting to emerge. Additionally, you may find that your talents rest in one of the many art fields--photography, videography, web design, sculpture, layout and design, etc.

taangerine | Student

I like art because it is a way I can genuinely express my feeling without the use of words. I can convey many emotions and expressions through art. Afterall, a painting is worth a thousand words. Although I am not good at drawing, it always a good way to let loose of my imagination and feelings once in a while ot relieve stress. 

crystaltu001 | Student

I didn't really know how to draw good or how to draw at all before . But i started taking art classes in high school and middle school and they taught me a lot of things about art . Now my art skills have improved a lot and drawing can help people express their feelings. 

eli468 | Student

I grew up believing I just wasn't talented and that my art would never get further than stick figures. However, after taking an art class I realized that for the most part, art is something almost everyone can do. It isn't save for "the talented." Some people naturally are good at art, but in most cases talent comes from practice, just like anything else. Once I took an art class I was slightly better but still not satisfied. I had to study art tips and learn about things such as shading and details before I got any better. Art is all about learning and practicing. Now I can confidently draw a portrait and be satisfied with it. It was hard at first and it's still difficult every time I try to improve, but it's worth the hardship as your skills get better.

I would highly recommend taking an art class because it can improve your skills and make you want to continue improving. Even if you are not that good at drawing right now, that's what the class is for; to improve. 

arrellbelle | Student

Actually, I started to learn how to draw when I was 3 or 4 years old, quite a young age. Drawing basic shapes was not my forte and drawing circles looked more like sad potato chips. As I hit middle school, I started to draw faces because of my interest in the music of Korean Pop. This led me to discover my love and passion for drawing faces and this started my whole exploration of how to draw more realistically. When I reached high school, I was fortunate to be a part of an art program that helped me explore different artists, artworks, and art styles that I could experiment with and in my final year of high school, I ended up competing between students and schools and winning several competitions. Moral of the story is that you have to always explore, find something that interests you, and never give up. 

catinca | Student

I have an opinion which does not agree with the common notions of "talent", which is thought most often to be an innate ability in doing something. If you don't have talent, they say, you can't be good at painting/drawing, etc.

My take is that anyone can paint, draw, sing, etc. with very little innate endowment (seeing and hearing, for example, are necessary). I think that the only reason we may feel like we lack a talent is because we think before ever trying it that we lack the talent. It is this fear of letting go of inhibitions that make us clumsy, make our singing voices shiver in fright, that make us draw lines that have no expressiveness because they are drawn without any vigour. We simply hold back.

How this fear came about with some things and didn't with others (the talents) is probably a result of an initial trial in doing that activity and the first responses we had from our parents, most likely. Where drawing and painting were encouraged and the child received praise, the confidence in one's ability grows. Also, since this is a reward type of reaction, it also brings pleasure. Soon enough, with enough rewards, the activity itself becomes rewarding. Simply enjoying something is likely to make us better at that activity, since we are inclined to do it more often, we are inclined to better it as much as possible for greater enjoyment and rewards.

Why do kids draw and paint and adults not? Well, kids are generally allowed to do things they are not good at, without subsequent judgement from others. Even if a child is not good at drawing or painting and doesn't receive praise, s/he still doodles on the sides of the notebook. It's alright that they're ugly, it's just one of the many things that the child isn't very good at - perfectly acceptable to have fun without an impressive result. But then we grow up and it is no longer ok to suck at something. We become embarrassed feeling the peer pressure, we only want to do those things which we are good at. We don't even know if we'd enjoy painting something, we simply won't try it because we know that somewhere in our past, last time when we painted, it sucked.

So, just like the upper answer says - you may be suprised. But I'd advise you to give yourself a chance and don't be so convinced that you suck at it. To suck at "art" is practically impossible, since there are so many mediums, you couldn't possibly suck at all of them. The only requirement is that the medium is new to you and that you think you could be good at it. To fight against old entrenched inhibitions is a very hard quest.

And why do I like art? I like it because artworks have something mysterious about them, something about them attracts my attention and then I feel something, but I don't know why. This makes me curious and I will keep searching in myself why I like it until I begin to understand. I realize it reminds me of something, but it is not the same as that, so I look at the differences, etc. etc.

The reason I like art is because I like discovering, I like knowing what there is to know behind something mysterious. If it caught my attention, then I have to know why it did so. I have to know these things equally because I want to know more about the world and know something about myself.