Why do you get side affects from medicine?

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

People get side effects from medicine because the medicines are not part of their natural bodily processes.

Side effects are problems that occur when the use of medicine goes beyond the desired effect or when problems occur in addition to the desired therapeutic effect. The human body is fearfully and wonderfully made, but when we use synthetic drugs, we are never sure how each person’s individual body will react. Some people have allergies to certain chemicals in the drugs that cause adverse reactions. Chemo-therapy drugs kill cancer which is really cells that are out-of-control, but in so doing, good cells also can be killed. This is what it means to go beyond the desired effect. The desired effect is to kill the cancer cells, but often white blood cells are also killed in the process, and this is not good because low white blood cells weaken a person’s immune system and the person cannot fight off viruses and harmful bacterias. Thus, they get sick from the drugs that are supposed to help them. Some drugs irritate our internal organs. The chemicals in drugs irritate the stomach lining, for example.

That said, other substances like foods and beverages can also have negative side effects for certain people. What doctors must decide is if the side effects are worth it. If a certain drug that can cure cancer makes a person dizzy, that is not a bad side effect and most people can deal with that. If a person takes a drug to cancer, however, and it causes him to have a heart attack, this is not an acceptable side effect.

helwa12 | Student

please they have chemicals that can react with your body