Why do we need a government?

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The main job of any government is to govern. Human natures prevents people from living harmoniously without some sort of system. We need laws and leaders. We need protection and aid. We need to have a fair way to settle our differences. While there are many different types of governments, they all strive to allow people to live together in peace. Some governments are democratic. These allow people to have more of a say in how they are ruled. Other governments are communist. The people governed by this type of body have little say in how they are ruled. However, both types of government attempt to give their people peace, happiness, safety, and harmony. Of course, each type of government will go about this is a different way.
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Governments are important to everyone because without them, life would certainly be very difficult. Governments always decide what is best for our community and out rules and systems in place, so everyone could live peacefully and safely. They give us protection so we could hopefully live on without always being concerned and worried. Governments makes laws to benefit us all.

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Lets say we took laws away for one day, and on that day a person could commit any crime and suffer no consequences from it. Any crime, theft, murder, ect.

Imagine what this day would be like, mass killings, destruction, and so on.

If there was no government, life would be like this. No rules, no laws, no protection.