I want a summary of The Tale of Despereaux.  Why do we have to subscribe to see the full summary? What if people don't want to?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You can get a summary without a subscription by asking for it in a question.  However a summary is well worth the price!

In order to see a full summary, you do need to be a subscriber.  If you do not want subscribe, you can also ask for a summary of a book.  You can ask any question about any book, just like you asked this one.  Simply indicate the payment you wish to make and post your question.  An educator like me will answer, usually quickly.  As an example, I will include a quick mini-summary in my answer to this question.  However, you can also get a subscription a month at  a time, which is useful during finals or months where you study difficult books or have a book report.

The Tale of Desperaux is about a mouse who is born in a caste.  Desperaux is small with very big ears for his size.  He does not act like a mouse.  Instead, he loves to read.  The oddest thing about him was probably the fact that he fell in love with a princess, whom he called Pea.

But you must, when you are calculating the odds of the mouse's success, factor in his love for the princess.  Love, as we have already discussed, is a powerful thing ... (Ch. 43)

Although Desperaux gets in trouble with the other mice for loving a princess and general unmousey behavior, he does have friends.  The Thredmaster assists him.  He has other misadventures with Roscuro, the rat who kidnaps the princess with the help of the servant Mig.  However, the princess is quick-witted and forgiving  In the end, everyone gets what they want, mostly.  Roscuro is allowed in the castle, but Desperaux  does not get to marry the princess.  The princess is set free, and the queen gets to eat as much soup as she wants.

This is a fun-loving book, but it does have some good lessons to teach.  You have to be careful how you choose your friends for one.  Also, it is okay to be different, but being different does not always mean you will fit in or be happy.