Why don't Ulrich and Georg get along in "The Interlopers" and whom does Ulrich seek?

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In Saki's short story, "The Interlopers," the feud over the disputed land continues because, although the grandfather of Ulrich von Gradwitz had won the lawsuit, the other family, the Znaeyms, "had not acquiesced in the disposition of the lawsuit."  As a consequence, enmity has developed between the families, and lasted for generations; von Gradwitz constantly seeks to catch the "poacher" on his land. So, in the exposition, von Gradwitz patrols the thick forest in search of his mortal enemy.

Of course, the double entendre of the story's title becomes evident when nature becomes an interloper in the form of the storm that knocks down the branches trapping von Gradwitz and the interloper upon his land, Znaeym, as well the appearance of the final interlopers, the wolves.

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In this story, these two men do not get along because of a dispute about land.  In the time that Ulrich von Gradwitz's grandfather was lord of their estates, there was a court case between the two families.  They were arguing over who a certain piece of land belonged to.  The Gradwitz family won the lawsuit and that's when the feud started.

The story says Ulrich is out hunting for "a human enemy."  This means that he is patrolling in search of Znaeym or his men -- people from the "enemy" family trespassing onto his land.

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