Why could home schooling could turn out to be a popular alternative for education?

Expert Answers
wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is an increasing distrust in traditional education--cost, efficiency, effectiveness, bullying, etc.  Home schooling--by committed, conscientious adults--not only avoids these shortcomings but also adds many advantages, such as indivualized attention, flexible concentrations, convenience of travel, etc.  Years of experiment and trial have refined home-schooling practices, such as group activities for several families together. Instead of teaching toward a government standard, parents can build learning modules with projects that teach multiple skills at the same time, rather than breaking things into artificially time units. Finally, art, music, etc. can be incorporated into the day without sacrificing other subjects.

acantrell1997 | Student

Home schooling has the ability to curtail learning methods and curricula to the student. It can give choices and is more constructivist in nature. Home schooling may also give high achievers an advantage in that they will be actively involved in their learning at all times. They will also be able to work at their own speed.

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