Why do the characters call Herman E. Calloway's house "Grand Calloway Station" in Christopher Paul Curtis's Bud, Not Buddy?

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In Chapter 15 of Christopher Paul Curtis's young reader's novel Bud, Not Buddy, Miss Thomas, a singer for Herman E. Calloway's band, takes Bud to Calloway's house called "Grand Calloway Station." When Bud asks, Miss Thomas explains that Calloway named his house "Grand Calloway Station" because he had "so many different people in and out" of the house at all hours of the day and night that it "reminded him of that train station in New York City, Grand Central Station." So, he named his house after Grand Central Station, swapping the name Central for Calloway instead.

Prior to being brought to Calloway's house, by Chapter 10, Bud's adventure had taken him as far as the town limits of Flint, where he meets Mr. Lefty Lewis who offers him a ride. Mr. Lewis drives him all the way to The Log Cabin, a nightclub in Grand Rapids in which Calloway and the Nubian Knights of the New Deal perform. Once inside the nightclub, Bud bravely announces to Calloway's face that Calloway is his father, and Jimmy, a member of the band, jumps to Bud's rescue. Jimmy pays for Bud's dinner at a restaurant in exchange for Bud being completely honest about his family. It is in the the restaurant where Bud meets singer Miss Thomas. Though nobody believes that Bud is the son of Calloway, the band members make him feel completely at home, especially Miss Thomas, who lets Bud cry in her lap.

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