Why do teenagers listen to music anywhere, anytime?Many teenagers nowadays use earphones/headphones and listen to music wherever they go. Why do they do so?

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Now wait a minute. This is one subject that I don't think changes much through the ages. I am a music lover, and I constantly played the great rock music of the late 1960s and early 1970s when I was growing up. I left an FM radio station on all night as I slept and woke up to music in the morning. I spent most of my money on 45s, LPs and 8-tracks ($1 used at the local pawn shop). Technology was not as sophisticated then, but I used what I could: 8-track player in the car, early cassette portable boombox (before the term boombox was born), and transistor radio with an earphone while walking or biking. I only wish the tiny digital devices of today were available then, because I would have used them constantly.

e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I wonder if the most likely answer is simply that music is a really, really great thing and as soon as a person is in the position to search out music on his/her own and listen to it alone, the person will do it...and love it.

Music offers quite large number of benefits - all the benefits of art: expression of complex emotions, an opporunity for the viewer/listener to deepen his own sense of self, of the beauty of the world, and so much more. Music moves us, often literally. Music inspires us. It's no surprise that people who suddenly discover the ability to listen to copious amounts of music will do it.

lmetcalf eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I know that some students and adults listen to music with earphones on as way to subtly signal to everyone around them that they are doing their own thing and don't want to deal with you. They don't want to be drawn into a conversation. They don't want to answer your question. They don't want you in their space. Sometimes the aren't even, actually, listening to anything (but most of the time they are, for entertainment's sake.)


pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Teens have always done this.  Well, they have done it as long as it's been possible.  We used to have Walkmans and even carry around huge "portable" cassette players and radios.  Music is simply fun and enjoyable to listen to and so it is not surprising that teens do this.  Finally, you should note that many people who are not teens do this as well.

vangoghfan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that earlier answers suggesting that the teen-age years are particularly years associate with emotion and discovery (including self-discovery) are probably correct.  Tastes established in the teen years tend to last quite a long time, and eventually the music one loves then often becomes the focus of great nostalgia.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I think that music is a form of both self-discovery and self-expression. Teenagers of every generation have found the appeal in the emotional impact that music has on a person. Modern technology also makes it possible to carry music with us seamlessly. It is a natural fit!
megan-bright eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It's not just teenagers that listen to music everywhere they go. Music is very soothing, therapeutic, and evokes powerful emotions in people of all ages. It's a great way to pass the time and focus on something else besides your everyday surroundings.

jess1999 | Student

As a teen myself , I like to listen to my music because I feel like I am able to shut off all the stress and problems going on in my life . As a teen , there is stress with school , college , and much more , so usually I listen to music to try to calm me down and just relax . 

crystaltu001 | Student

I like listening to music because, music makes me feel happy and the music is just really good and i like it. I sometimes want to block out the sounds outside and put earphones in my ear and just play my music. I always listen to music no matter where i am and what i do.

atyourservice | Student

I usually listen to music because I like the songs on my ipod lol. But at the same time, there are times when I feel like my surrounding is too loud and I listen to my music to mute the world.

melissa1106 | Student

Personally as a teenager, I can say I listen to music everywhere I because it makes me happy. Music describe every emotion you feel and just plain make you feel good. I listen to music in the car, exercising, or really at any time. It motivates me and I do not know what Id do without music.

udonbutterfly | Student

As a sort of Teenager myself I can truthfully say I listen to music everywhere I go because it just makes life so much better and exciting. If the  song is really good and I am walking home I do not think of the sun beaming on my for head nearly blinding me but the music that is wafting in my eardrums. Without music I would counting down the minutes until I get home which makes it seem longer. Music just makes the time past by in style haha.

thewanderlust878 | Student

As an older teenager myself, I believe that music is, like what most people have said already, a way to step out of the world we currently live in and to escape into a new realm in which your wildest fantasies exist.  This holds true for me, as it does for many other people my age as well. It may seem rude and annoying for you to spot a teen who is wearing headphones/ear buds, but remember, they are most likeyl simply trying to provide themselves with an escape from life. 

insomniaticdreamer | Student

Music is a huge part of my life, so I just tend to spend as much time as possible listening to my iPod. Especially when I'm stuck somewhere I don't want to be and get bored (at least I have something to listen to), and also when I'm around people I don't want to conversate with. Because usually when you have earbuds/headphones in people get the impression you don't want to talk and are just doing your own thing.

francy17 | Student

As a teen my music is a BIG part of my life. My ipod, the radio, my phone all contain music that keep me going everyday. For me music puts in words things I can't explain, it calms me down after a long stressful day of school, and is my company when I just don't want people around or if I want to get something off my mind. And you are what you eat...what you feed ur mind is what you will think about. It's true when people say the type of music you listen to can say a lot about yourself.

Tip: Want to know how to read your teens mind? Look at there playlist ;) it’s fascinating!

heartofherts | Student

They do it to stave off the silence - silence that would allow their ontological insecurities and existential guilt to rise up and haunt them through the day.

bernsb | Student

Kids just don't care about stuff adults like it's not because of emotions it because they like music and listen to i twhen they are being bored  to death.

caglatekeli | Student

their neural circuitry in brain is changing during development like myelinated
axons and axonal pruning etc. These activations in their brain is too exhausting that they may want to avoid external stimulus.

siret | Student

Music is relaxing and even if for just a little while it makes you forget about your problems. It provides intertainment . It also gives you inspiration and a sense of hope, Certain types of music are consoling and might even have the answer to your problem.Since teenagers are subject to great emotional crisis they listen to music for comfort.


loraaa | Student

Simply, the answer to your question is "because they are teenagers."
Over time, these teens will feel bored, like me.
And will stop listening to music...^_^

wanderista | Student

As a teenager, it's safe to say that I listen to music for pleasure and recreational purposes. Occasionally, I listen to it to escape reality, just to flow with the music, enjoying its creativity and uniqueness. I prefer the classics to the contemporary, specifically orchestral music.