Why do teenagers commit suicide in high school? ya highschool/teen life is hard but its not realy anything to kill yourself over

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coachingcorner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In many cultures, teen suicides are higher among males than females. This may be because girls are more social and more used to communicating vocally. They will often share their worries, grievances and negative thoughts with other females such as their mothers, sisters or a group of girlfriends in school. Even if a practical solution to their issue isn't immediately possible, the very act of thrashing it through, vocalising the options and talking around the issues seems to let out some of the stress and the girls feel better for the talk. Some surveys show that males are less forthcoming about their feelings, less happy to share and less keen to trust other males with their confidences/weaknesses. It would be good to see some 'talk therapy' sessions begin much younger with boys in school.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Obviously, not that many people commit suicide in high school, so I don't know that it's such a huge problem.  However, I think there are a couple of reasons that high school students would do this.

First of all, four years seems like a lot longer when you are 16 than when you are 40.  After all, it's 25% of your life so far.  So the four years of high school can seem like forever.

Second, teens are less secure than adults are.  A teen has typically not grown up to the point where they can really just accept who they are and not feel that what people think of them is so important.

Finally, teens may not have the coping skills they need to deal with stress.

I would argue that all of these contribute to teen suicide.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The teenage years are an emotional time and it's easy to feel as though you're not in control of your life.  High school is an artificial society, where, quite honestly, people act strangely - they cluster in cliques and pick on and bully kids just for something to do.  Later in life these classmates tend to be your friend even if they weren't in high school.  There is also, in some cases, extreme pressure to succeed academically or athletically.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Teenagers often lack the skills necessary to deal with hardships. There are many emotional, physical, and social changes happening all at the same time. It can be very difficult and some teens unfortunately just can't deal with it. They may also feel vulnerable because they lost someone close to them. That is why it is so important if you have a friend who seems to be having a lot of difficulty you really need to talk to an adult. They need help.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Teenagers are not always able to assess the seriousness of a situation and often commit extreme gestures. To avoid such situations is important the presence of a person,  in each class , with a social role and able to counsel and make professional psychological assessments  .

troubador | Student

Teen suicide. Lots of people of many ages think the usual pain (and it's often hefty) of life itself is so hard they'd rather die. I guess though, about teens... If they have no one to talk to (except one like-minded peer - which isn't enough - there must be an open-minded mentor/partner of some kind)...if they have no one to talk to about pain, they'll  do drastic things - often gestures [*screams*] for help. Yet even a solitary teen or adult can make it by well if there's some communication, like being a solitary writer or artist; solitary-many-creators. We're all stuck...just living. Cool.

troubador | Student

# 5: We're all "stuck" in some way, with something, even if it's to read or do anything (write) alone for long periods of time. Lots have kids of all ages to think about. But because both my kid and I have reached what we thought were complete failure-with-no-net stuff and done stuff we knew was stupid... we're all stuck with life... reading ingredients labels (oh, c'mon: menus?) at least and... breathing... life. Stuck in it. But it always ends somehow. I'm glad your life appears to have realized it needs extension. I quit tournament (junior league age) in the middle a season. We all do little 'quits' but the major thing is to stick with life and all its processes.

shadey101 | Student

During the first semester of my junior year, I swallowed 31 pills of ibuprofen, trying to kill myself. Obviously, I failed. Why did I do it? I wad being weighed down by my dwindling grades, my failure to win any of my tennis games, my failure as a lawyer on my mock trial team, my inability to write a good speech for my speech and debate tournaments and my overall problems with body image and low-self esteem. I've always been popular in high school and the pressure to be good at everything was making me absolutely miserable. It physically and mentally hurt to be around, day after day. Melodramatic, I know. But that's how I felt and I decided to put a stop to my miserable. It was the only way I could think of to stop "the hurt." To answer you question, the reason why highschoolers attempt suicide is because they don't see ANY other way out. As minors, they feel stuck. And when you think of it, really think of it, they are.

loripayne | Student

Sadly, suicide seems like the only solution to the student's problem.  If the person is contemplating suicide, he/she cannot see past the moment, let alone the months or years towards graduation/college.

High school is so volatile at times, and the pressure to fit in, excel in class, and/or co-exist in relationships can become far too much to take.  People cannot always see beyond the pain; they just want the pain gone.  Unfortunately, suicide is their solution, whether it is intentional or not.