Why do teachers need to provide resources and programs for their students?

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It is the role of the teacher to educate his or her students. Within this education, teachers must provide the resources necessary (within the educational environment) for two reasons. First, it is essential that teachers mirror the support of information. Teachers require students to cite information in presentations and papers; therefore, it illustrates the importance of seeking out primary and secondary sources for students. Second, some students do not have access to large libraries or the Internet. In this case, teachers should provide time or the actual resources needed for students to deepen their understanding of the material being taught.

As for programs, it really depends upon what types of programs are referred to here. In one sense, the term program refers to a planned series. In this case, students may benefit from knowing what is to come over the course of a quarter, semester, or day. By knowing what is expected, students can thrive. It is when students are not clear regarding expectations that they begin to flounder. 

Another type of program could be ones which reach outside of the academia of school. These programs could be athletic programs, character building programs, special education programs, or other programs which help to develop the "whole" of the student. In this case, students need these types of programs in order to insure many different things. Programs like the ones named above help to develop social character, self-identity, social skills, pride, goal setting, and commonality between peers (to name a few). 

The teacher today is not only an educator of math, science, and literature. The modern teacher helps students learn coping and communication skills, sympathy and empathy, and skills necessary to live in the "real world." Resources and programs, like the ones named, help students to excel. Therefore, they are of the absolute necessity. 

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