Lord of the Flies Questions and Answers
by William Golding

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Why do some boys choose to follow Ralph, while some choose to follow Jack?

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From the moment we meet this stranded group of boys in chapter 1, we see a struggle emerging for leadership. The two front runners quickly emerge as Jack and Ralph, and the rest of the boys have to decide whom they will follow.

Before the crash, Jack was leader of his choir, so it is clear that he possesses some leadership capabilities. However, when the boys decide to take a vote on "chief," as they determine the role should be titled, the members of Jack's choir raise their hands with "dreary obedience" (chapter 1) in Jack's favor. This is likely due to Jack's savage nature, which becomes quickly evident on the island. Jack's primary focus is on hunting. In itself, being able to feed the group isn't a bad plan; however, Jack seeks to hunt (and kill) above all other duties.

In contrast, Ralph is seen emerging from the crash with plans: for shelter, for protection for the youngest kids (the little 'uns, as they come to be known), for rescue. In the initial struggle for leadership, Ralph is...

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