Why do the rich mineral deposits of Siberia pose a problem?

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Well, they are a problem for Russia to access, because Siberia is both rugged and remote, so any development of those resources is going to have a significant up front dollar investment before there is any returns to speak of.  There will undoubtedly be international competition for the rights to secure those resources should Russia call for foreign investment.

It is also a problem because Siberia is largely forested and relatively pristine, meaning it is one of the world's ecofriendly carbon dioxide scrubbing zones.  Development of resources almost always spoils the environment, and in Russia that is particularly true.  There are rare species of animals in that region that may be threatened.

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You can answer this question on many levels, but I would say that any discoveries of natural resources will play a huge role in the world for a few reasons. First, natural resources are limited. For example, there is a limited amount of oil, natural gasses, etc. Second, for this reason, people can use these natural resources to make a lot of money. This will make certain people wealthy and others poorer or dependent on others. Third, because natural resources change the balance of power, there can be geo-political issues that we are not completely aware of. Now when it comes to Russia (especially in the light of a rising China), a great amount of resources may weaken the influence of America and Europe.

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