Why do political scientists consider multi-party systems the most representative of all the systems?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that one reason why political scientists could consider multi- party system more representative is because individual political interests have a stronger sense of advocacy.  Multi- party systems are able to reach out and advocate for individual interests in a much more specific and narrow manner.  Individuals can find their own "voice" in a multi- party system.  Within the realm of multiple parties, individuals are able to find greater chance of having their interests represented, their own experiences validated, and ensuring that they can find a political party who is advocating their own agenda.  The multi- party system speaks to all narratives of the body politic.  The theory in a multi- party system is that the electorate is a diverse group of people. They are not monolithic.  The emergence of a multi- party system represents such diversity.  Instead of a two party system where choice is fundamentally limited, a multi- party system can be seen as more representative because of voicing the concerns of a diverse electorate and body politic.