Great Expectations Questions and Answers
by Charles Dickens

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Why do Pip and Biddy argue about in chapter 19 of Great Expectations?

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Pip and Biddy have an argument about Pip’s treatment of Joe in chapter 19.

Biddy and Joe are clearly uncomfortable around Pip.  This is mostly due to his putting on airs and thinking he is better than them, and being ashamed of them.

Pip tries to explain to Biddy why he does not want to come to visit Joe, and stays in a hotel when he does.

“Well! Joe is a dear good fellow—in fact, I think he is...

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trinithepinkangel | Student

Pip and Biddy get involved in an argument regarding Joe. Pip tells Biddy to teach Joe the all the ways she knows to make him worthy of Pip's 'Gentleman' society. Biddy in turn tells Pip that Joe is proud and he might not wish to be taken out of his town and role and not want to go for a new role in Pip’s society. Pip on one point of the argument tells Biddy that she is jealous and scolds her for her such behavior.