Why Do People Use Heroin

Why do people use heroin?

heroin is a drug that is usuall injected or snorted

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Heroin is a central nervous system depressant.  People use heroin because of the rush of euphoria they experience when used. It causes them to feel high, unconcerned with the troubles in their life, and pain free.  The problem with heroine is that it is highly addictive.  Once it is tried the brain craves the drug for the release it provides.  The other problem with heroine is that once you try it, your brain requires higher and higher dosages to attain that high.  That is why the drug has the negative effects it has on people.  It is difficult to give up and you require more of it to feel the rush. 

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People use drugs for many reasons. One of the reasons that heroin is so widely used, especially in teenagers, is because it is a cheaper drug and one that is usually easy to get.

Many people, especially teenagers, use drugs because of peer pressure. They may have friends that do it so they do it too in order to try to fit in. Heroin is very addicting so once it is used once it is incredibly tempting to do it again.

Another resaon that people may use heroin, or other drugs, is because of depression. Drugs are often used as a way to escape the harsh realties of life that one may be encountering.

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