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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Long- term care is needed for a variety of reasons.  The first is that there are conditions that people have or develop over time that necessitates caring on a level that is protracted and sustained.  Chronic illnesses and disabilities are examples of conditions that require long term care.  Additionally, as life expectancy is increasing, the age of the population is following suit, indicating that more individuals will need assistance with long- term care because of being older.  This demographic shift is becoming part of the global dynamic and is something that is seen as unavoidable:

With the rapid ageing of populations, finding the right model for long-term care becomes more and more urgent.

With more people entering the workforce, there is a greater likelihood that the configuration of families can sustain long- term care for one of its members, making it more of a necessity around the world.  For these reasons, there is a worldwide need for long- term care.

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