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People are varied and their reasons for loving Shakespeare are just as diverse. Yet, there are some popular reasons why people love Shakespeare. I'll outline some of them below. 

  • Poetry - Shakespeare is arguably the most well known English writer in history. His poetry is famous and unique. A majority of people love Shakespeare because they love his writing.  
  • Emotional Connections - Despite being centuries old, many people around the world have an emotional connection to Shakespeare in some way. Many high school students perform in Shakespeare plays or are brought to a performance of one of his plays. These connections last with people and influence how they feel about Shakespeare. 
  • Cultural Influence - Shakespeare is a principle influencer in English-speaking cultures. His cultural influence is difficult to ignore, and many contemporary narratives continue to build on Shakespeare's plays. New interpretations of his plays continue to be written today, and his plays are performed consistently throughout English countries. This cultural dominance also influences how people feel about Shakespeare.
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